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The Jaguar XJ13 Project

Engine Configuration V
Cylinders 12
Induction Normal
Displacement 5.3L
Valvetrain SOHC
Horsepower 502.00 BHP (369.5 KW) @ 7600.00 RPM
Weight 1380 kgs

The history behind the car

The original XJ13 was developed by Jaguar during the 1960’s with the final prototype being finished in 1967, and carried Jaguar’s first V12. The engine was remarkable in that it had twin overhead cams and mechanical fuel injection. Unfortunately, just as it was ready to compete British Leyland, which had recently taken over Jaguar cancelled the project and all other racing activities. Primarily developed to compete against the Ford GT 40’s (which had won its first Le Mans in 1966 and went www.isotretinoinonlinebuy.com/ onto win the 1967 and 1969 races. The GT40 itself had been developed to compete head to head with the Ferrari’s which had been winning convincingly for a long period) it had a top speed of 200 mph with more than 500 horsepower and high speed stability without wings. Who knows what might have been, if not for the risk averse nature of the British Motor Corporation…

Below is a pictorial step through of the development of the car.

Pictures of the development of the JAGUAR V12 Engine and Twin Cam Head Now Fitted to the XJ13

The SOHC 5.3L V12 Engine -.prior Jaguar V12 in XT13 fitted with webbers